About dating scam

Online dating fraud

The Internet has taken romance around the world. That increases the possibilities for finding your soul mate, but it also makes love into a greater minefield. Not only are there the usual pitfalls of relationships, but you also have to deal with online dating fraud. No one can help with love, but some watchfulness can eliminate the other problems...

Warning! The dating scammer says that they are seeking romance or a soul mate but are really out to steal not only your heart but your cash too. Dating scammers can sign up to online dating agencies or chat rooms just like anyone else. Scammers take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to create the profile of your perfect match and make any quantity of promises for attracting you and to take out your money.

The dating scammers are heartless. They are happy to exploit people's emotions for their own gain. They build up the victim's confidence in their potential partner. Then they ask them for money through "western union" or "money gram", with a false story to back it up. ORDER BACKGROUND CHECK and you will never become a victim of Russian dating scams!

The Types of Dating Fraud

- Through a dating site you meet someone, possibly from FSU (Russia, Ukraine etc). After a while they want to visit you, but need money for trip's expenses (tickets, visa etc). You send it, then more for other requests. Emergencies might mysteriously arise, necessitating even more money. You prospective lover eventually disappears, leaving you not only broken-hearted but poorer.

- Scammer tries to keep up a regular correspondence, but all letters have general content and there is no concrete information in them. After changing a few letters the scammer begins urgently to ask money for covering expenses for using Internet, translator payment, foreign languages courses, driving courses and so on. Using this scenario scammer will always asserts that for keeping up a correspondence with you one has to use paid services, which one will ask you to pay. It will be continuing until you send money through "western union" or "money gram". As soon as you stop doing it scammer disappears.

- You meet someone online, either in a chat room or through a dating site. You become close. They claim to be from Western Europe or America, working in Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa. They're paid in money orders, which they ask you to cash. You agree, deposit them in your bank and send the cash. A few weeks later you learn the money orders are forgeries, and you're responsible for the total. Meanwhile your lover has vanished.

- Scam artist invite you to visit her/his country. You'll receive information from her that she's very happy to see you soon and she's waiting impatiently to meet you but there's a big problem with hotel and you have to pay for it in cash beforehand to guarantee your living in it. Or she's ready to take organization of your staying in her city (transfer, hotel, cultural program, translator and son on) and you have to pay for it in cash. As soon as money received scammer disappears. From her contact information you have only her name and her e-mail address or plus postal address (in which different people live or which doesn't exist).

- She regularly e-mail you and always comment your letters and answer your questions. She is happy that she has found a real gentleman and you are a man of her dreams. You become attracted to her and you begin to think over plans for future. But suddenly you'll receive information from her that she (her children, her parents, relatives) got ill and she needs money for operation or/and for expensive medicine. And as it is a question of life or death (there's no money to pay for it) she appeals to you for help. As soon as money received scammer disappears.

There are several variations on these themes, but generally they all involve people far away and requests for money through "western union" or "money gram", or to cash money orders. However, there are also the scams of the dating agencies themselves.

Less scrupulous sites will put up fake profiles. Contact them and you will receive e-mails, but the relationship won't go anywhere. They exist simply to make the site look bigger. Just before your subscription expires you might well receive a mail from someone supposedly interested in you. However, it's merely a ploy to make you renew. There have even been reports of employees taking subscribers out as a ploy to make them renew. Don't believe everything you're told. There are many genuine people looking for romance, but also plenty eager to take advantage. It's best to be sceptical; hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised later. If you communicate with person, who contacted with you on the Internet; if she/he is foreign and you never met; if you have any doubts or questions, "Detective Agency of CIS" will help you to find answers and take right decision.

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