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Our service of investigation is the leader of detective and information services in Russia. Our private detective agency in Russia offer the services and assist clients around the world. All our efforts are directed to satisfaction of lawful requirements of clients reliable and qualitative service of investigation.

You may have any reason why you wish to check someone's background in Russia. Every day, people receive offers that just sound too good to be true. The on-line scams don't know national borders or boundaries; they don't respect justice and laws. But, as all scammers, they have one purpose - to separate you from your money! ORDER BACKGROUND CHECK AT OUR PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY IN RUSSIA AND WE CAN SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY, AND WE PROTECT YOU AGAINST INTERNATIONAL SCAM.

Are you wondering if the girl from Russia that you are talking on the internet is too good to be true? Are there things that you are being told that just don't make sense? Did the russian girl find you on a dating site and shows her love to you in a short time? Does she want to come to you and does she need money for tickets or visa? If so, you might be the victim of an Internet "dating scam". These frauds can come disguised to you in several ways. Scammers look for innocent person on dating sites to ask to send them money for visa, ticket, charges, translations of letters, internet, phone etc.

Private detective Agency "RUSSIA DETECTIVES" detects a scam and quickly/efficiently finds all information required for counter-action. We specialize in russian women background check, therefore we help you to defend your money from scammers. We provide BACKGROUND CHECK of your Internet partner, Internet friend, or Potential soul mate from Russia. We can take off all your doubts, WE WILL FIND ANY INFORMATION FOR YOU! Our private detective agency in Russia operate not only on the territory of Russian Federation - we are working and have our agents also and in Belarus, Ukraine, and some other former USSR countries.

Find out if she is being honest with you... she scam? ...Does she have lover in her area? she real person or fake? Really does she have apartment?.. Why she does not give you her phone number?.. "RUSSIA DETECTIVES" agency will find answers to all your questions!

Private Investigator in Russia - Russian girls background check

Investigation Agency "RUSSIA DETECTIVES" is the main certificated investigating organization in Russian Federation. There are a lot of online background check services that claim to offer the most comprehensive, most affordable, and most accurate checks available in countries of Former Soviet Union. However, they can not truly deliver exceptional service. We have obtained high-level access to the government, the law-enforcement and the justice organizations and we guarantee an objective evaluation for you before you invest in the service.

Investigation Agency "RUSSIA DETECTIVES" provides the Secret-service of the world level. We offer detective services of the highly professional personnel in all the CIS countries, we have branches in all large cities of Russian Federation and FSU countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and other). Our russian private detectives have great experience of work in background checks of citizens of CIS.

The purpose of activity of our private investigators in Russsia is:

- Maintenance of economic safety of people;
- Rendering of detective services to legal and physical persons with a view of protection of their interests on the basis of respect and observance of the rights and freedom of the person as citizen;
- Assistance to government and to law enforcement organizations the prevention warning dating\romance frauds.

All our private investigators in Russia are professionals and members of the "Association of Detectives", they will quickly assess the situation and take effective actions with the client's approval. Having more than six years of experience, we provide high professionalism and competence. We already have protected a few hundreds persons against dating scammers, we help to take correct decisions and to get rid of doubts. All our russian private investigators have degree of lawyers and private investigators, which able competently and fast to find any information for you about your potential bride, partners, employees etc.